Cordstrap works in partnership with customers, to understand their challenges, and design and implement safe, efficient cargo securing solutions, compliant with a complex variety of rules and regulations around the world.

Cordstrap container protection solutions combine lashing, including the innovative CornerLash,  AnchorLash and QuickLash solutions, and a wide range of Dunnage Bags to keep all cargo types and weights physically secure in the container. Additionally, Cordstrap Moisture Control protects cargo from humidity in transit.

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Global diagnostics, advice and training

Our global team of cargo protection experts can audit and evaluate your current securing practices (products, application and operational efficiency) and the potential impact of moisture on your cargo.

With this risk analysis, we can provide advice on the best solutions for your specific set of requirements, and provide training (on site or remote) to ensure that your cargo is being secured consistently across all your sites.

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Compliant cargo securing solutions

Every transport method and region has its own rules and regulations. When shipping a container from its point of origin to its destination, it will fall under different rules and regulations while in transit. For containerized goods, Cordstrap container lashing solutions comply with the CTU-Code, IMDG and AAR guidelines, which are key to ensuring safe transport.

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A team of Cordstrap experts is ready to help packers and shippers with all necessary knowledge and skills to safely secure cargo in a container, ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations – locally and globally.

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