Brad Tribble

Cordstrap Group Code of Conduct

Cordstrap’s reputation is founded on the shared, deep-rooted belief in the highest ethical standards and our constant efforts to conduct ourselves accordingly. Whether it is sexual harassment, a conflict of interests or integrity in business relations, all such matters demand well- balanced judgement and proper conduct. We cannot – and should not – accept excuses or make exceptions. After all, integrity is the key to everything we do.

The Code of Conduct is an indispensable document for any Cordstrap employee. It describes the fundamental principles of how we do business. It is not a summary of all our company’s policies and procedures. Instead, it provides a broad view of the way we should manage our work, our business contacts, our decisions and our way of acting and interacting. The Code of Conduct reflects the ideas of management, which made a key contribution to its development.

I have studied the documents carefully and would like to ask you to do the same. I am proud that Cordstrap supports the principles in the Code of Conduct. I trust that you, like me, will work in accordance with these principles every day.


Brad Tribble CEO

Cordstrap Group Code of Conduct

Cordstrap Group Whistle-blowing Guidelines

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