Cordstrap Impressum


Cordstrap has created this website as a service to all internet users in general and her customers in specific. This website contains many elements on which intellectual ownership of Cordstrap and a third party rests in relation to pictures, texts, videos and the graphic design of the pages. Complete or partial reproduction is forbidden without written permission of the owner of the intellectual ownership.


User Limitations

In addition, the following user limitations apply when using the website:

  • It is prohibited to copy parts of this website both electronic or in any other way, except when necessary to consult and use the website services through the internet.
  • In principle it is allowed to create hyperlinks to the Cordstrap website, but only to our homepage. Cordstrap remains the right to offer resistance against these so called ‘deeplinks’.
  • It is not allowed to make a hyperlink to the Cordstrap website in such a way that the website is shown in the frame of another website.

Fare Use

It is not allowed to use this website in any way which could hinder other visitors of the Cordstrap website, or affect the use in any other way including the information shown and/or the programme structure behind it.


Cordstrap can not completely guarantee the availability and accuracy of all information given on the website. Cordstrap does not accept any liability for any damage caused by the absence or incorrectness of any information given on the website, except when the damage suffered is caused deliberately by Cordstrap or due to Cordstrap’s fault.


All information given about Cordstrap on this website is meant to give general information about Cordstrap and her products to interested parties. This information is on the assumption to be reliable, but can be changed at any time without previous notice. Cordstrap can not guarantee absolute completeness and accuracy.