Steel and Metal

Shipping steel and metal requires solutions that are safe, strong and versatile combined with global expertise to ensure consistency, compliance and efficient load securing.

Cordstrap’s Cargo Protection Engineers anticipate danger throughout the shipping journey and mitigate risk at every step. Our protection engineering approach analyzes the customers’ needs across their load securing and transportation operations. We create a tailored loading plan or recommend a standardized plan. The loading plan delivers the optimum combination of products such as dunnage bags, lashing, strapping, buckles and tensioning tools. We also work closely with customers to provide training to ensure consistency across loads and teams.

Our products are AAR accredited, DNV, ISO, CTU Code and CSS Code compliant.

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Benefits of Cordstrap applications

  • Cordstrap Lashing, known as ‘synthetic steel’ is manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns offers the highest degree of strength and security available in polyester lashing.

  • High breaking strength is comparable with steel chains and ropes. For example, Cordlash 1500 breaking strength is 20 tons. It exceeds common strength of chains and can significantly increase the safety level of transport chain.

  • Dynablock – designed for heavy duty dynamic loads offers high resistance against the shocks and other dynamic conditions.

  • It is a closed system, there are no hooks that could come loose and damage the load and cause injury.

  • Our range of tensioners ensure consistent tension across the load and, through the development of battery tensioners which do not need compressed air, bring additional safety for your operations.

Traditional securing methods are expensive, time consuming and often dangerous

Non-Cordstrap securing methods often require multiple operators, which increases costs, and can cause damage to cargo and injuries to operators.

The challenges of securing with steel strapping

This can oxidize, cause damage to goods in transit and has a defined breaking strain with no margin for elongation. In addition, it has a high risk of causing injury and is difficult to apply, requiring two separate tools (one to seal and one for pretension).


The challenges of securing with chains and steel wire

These are very hard to handle and put into position, they can loosen easily, damage loads, cannot be used on sensitive cargo and can corrode. Their application is not consistent as it is dependent on the individual operator.

The challenges of securing with wood blocking

This takes a great deal of time to put into position. Its efficiency depends on many variables - the type and quality of wood used (only treated wood is now allowed, which can also expand or shrink dependent on moisture), the strength of the wood, the operator, the number of nails. Damage to goods can also occur during application.

Whatever your modality, we have a proven solution that will protect your load

Ship Securing

Breakbulk cargo shipped in and on board of ships can be exposed to extreme external influences. The unique combination of Cordstrap’s woven polyester lashing with our unique patented Dynablock load buckle and in-house developed tooling are the safe, IMO and CSS Code compliant solutions that are safe and fast to apply.

Ship Securing


We have an extensive range of container lashing and dunnage solutions that are CTU Code compliant. With AAR approved options you can be assured that, no matter the destination, your cargo will be damage free and globally compliant.

If your shipment is at risk from corrosion, our marketing leading desiccant, Moisture Control, has the highest absorption rate available.


Flatrack Securing

Cargo such as steel plates and pipes will be exposed to extreme external influence on flatracks, for example g-forces and highly adverse weather conditions.

Cordstrap’s dynamic cargo securing solutions are AAR and DNV approved, and ensure cargo arrives at its destination without damage.

Flatrack Securing

Securing solutions for galvanizers

Traditional steel straps have disadvantages for galvanizers when securing outbound loads.

Cordstrap composite (CC) strapping provides a high quality, strong solution. Stronger than steel strap, it will not damage galvanized products in the way that steel can, or cause oxidation. It is also time and cost-effective and improves safety by reducing the risk of injury.


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