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Cargo Securing Training Program

Thousands of accidents occur due to insufficient cargo securing every year, resulting in millions of dollars worth of damage. And worse, loss of life. As the world leader in the development of cargo securing solutions, Cordstrap take these issues very seriously and address them through training programs – both in-house at the Cordstrap Knowledge and Training Centers and on-site with our customers.

Located at our corporate headquarters in the Netherlands and our headquarters in the USA, the knowledge and training centers offer the opportunity to participate in our Secure Cargo Training program.

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Together with our trainers, our partners have the opportunity to develop a training program that suits their specific requirements, to include:

  • Learning the causes and consequences of cargo movement during transport
  • Insight into relevant legislation and regulations, including current CTU code compliance
  • Theoretical training in cargo securing and cargo calculation methods
  • Intensive hands-on training using the newly acquired skills

Regular training updates and webinars ensure that our customers always have the very latest knowledge of cargo protection technology and industry legislation.

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