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Bundling and Palletizing

Cordstrap bundling and palletizing solutions offer
a unique combination of flexible texture and high retained tension; making them suitable for securing
any type, size or weight of product.

Cordstrap’s cargo bundling and palletizing solutions have a high level of retained tension that ensures bundles keep their original form. These solutions
allow products to be picked up and also stacked.

This combination of solutions can transform cargo,
even if of irregular shape, into transportable units
that can be shipped worldwide without damage.


  • Easy, fast and safe to apply
  • Light weight
  • Certified and approved by Germanischer Lloyd
  • Inclusive of onsite staff training

Cordstrap Range

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Never mind the size, shape or value of the cargo. Cordstrap’s bundling and palletizing expertise offers a unique combination of flexible texture and high retained tension that ensures safe, effective, damage-free global shipping security

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