Shipping on Rail

Rail shipments are exposed to significant forces, often in excess of 3G, during transit. We’re proud to work closely with rail regulators, most notably the AAR, to provide extensive lashing, strapping and dunnage solutions that provide the shock absorbency and load protection critical for rail shipments, whether on flat racks, container, open or closed top cars.

Our Protection Engineering approach prevents movement, mitigates risk and protects goods and the people handing them.

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  • Highly shock absorbent

  • Retains consistent tension

  • East, fast and safe to apply solutions

  • AAR verified

  • CTU Code compliant

  • CSS Code compliant

Protection Engineering for rail

We have extensive expertise and product applications to protect all load types, including primary metals (steel platesgalvanized products, structural steel, pipes and tubes), base metals (billets, ingots and coils), wood products (fiberboard, particle board, lumber), chemicals (haz and non-haz), food and beverages, machinery and equipment. Whatever your load type, we can provide standardized or tailored loading plans, training and ongoing support.


We have led the way in introducing and innovating non-steel strapping on open and closed railcars, with over 250 AAR approvals for a wide variety of applications.

Containerized Goods

Whether you’re shipping chemicals or food & beverages in bags, IBCs, crates, cartons or drums, or steel, metal or equipment we have an extensive range of lashing applications, dunnage and desiccants that will protect your goods from movement and moisture damage.

Container Cargo Protection

Working with the AAR

We’re proud of our long-standing partnership with the AAR which has led to over 250 approved applications across multiple load types, from hazardous chemicals to steel plates in rail cars, flat racks and containers.

As Gold member of the AAR, we are committed to innovation that will ensure continued safety on rail freight networks and provide shippers with efficient and effective solutions to protect all loads.

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