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Railcar Securing

Rail transport of cargo is a vital component of the global economy. Millions of tons of cargo are shipped daily to their destination by this method. Rail is also very frequently used in conjunction with ship and road transport to move cargo worldwide. Rail transport is fast, efficient, reliable and sustainable.

Safety the priority

Cargo safety – and that of the environment surrounding it – is key to the rail industry. Safety incidents could potentially lead to major economic and environmental disasters.

At Cordstrap, we work closely with our partners to deliver state of the art cargo securing solutions. These are fast and easy to use and ensure safe global transportation of rail freight.

Safety always comes first in the rail industry. Customers are amazed when they find out that they no longer have to climb on top of the car to secure the cargo
Our Expert Scott Loudon, Major Account Executive, Rail Shippers East

Working with the AAR

In the US, the $60 billion freight rail industry operates over a 140,000-mile system and employs 221,000 people. Cordstrap have partnered the Association of American Railroads on numerous projects over the last ten years to ensure the safe transport of that cargo. Over 250 of our applications have been AAR approved over a wide range of cargo types, including base metals and wood products.

A Gold member of the AAR, Cordstrap helps to keep shippers and their customers safe during the loading and off-loading process, while ensuring that cargo arrives undamaged.

Cargo securing insights for the railcar securing industry

Securing for different cargo types

Bulk cargo constitutes the majority of tonnage carried by railroad. This unpacked freight is usually transported in intermodal or box cars. Cordstrap offer solutions for securing these loads as well as for open top rail cars using woven lashing products.

Cargo securing insights for the railcar securing industry

Containerized goods

Railcar containers can contain a wide variety of products and materials, from processed foods and beverages to chemicals. Dependent on load, packaging may range from big bags, IBC’s and cartons, to fiber, plastic and steel drums.

To allow customers to secure cargo quickly and easily while meeting all local and international legislation, Cordstrap have developed CornerLash. This revolutionary, patent-pending innovation uses the strongest point of the container – the corner post – to secure loads of up to 30 tonnes.


Cordstrap CornerLash

Open top railcars

Forces in excess of 3G can easily be generated during rail transport. They are a major consideration when securing cargo. Cordstrap’s unique dynamic securing solutions provide the shock absorbency critical in this environment. We have led the way in introducing non-steel strapping on open railcars, with over 250 AAR approvals for a wide variety of applications.

Our expertise on railcar applications can provide the needed technical assistance on transporting products including primary metals (steel plates, galvanized products, structural steel, pipes and tubes), base metals (billets, ingots and coils) and wood products (fiberboard, particle board, lumber).

Global expertise

Cordstrap have 50 years experience of working with companies to reduce or eliminate the safety risks of transporting hazardous and non-hazardous goods by rail – and delivering undamaged goods to customers.

Our international network of experts can deliver local knowledge, advice and solutions while supporting global cargo-securing requirements.

Securing particleboard on a bulkhead flatcar

An example of Cordstrap products being used to secure particleboard on a rail car.

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