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A vision of cargo securing safety, fulfilled

During a flight one day in 1965, Fred van Eck was talking to a fellow passenger when he had a simple idea. But like a lot of simple ideas, it was a brilliant one – to develop a cargo strapping system made from rayon yarn, as used in the production of car tires. Fred thought that this would be an ideal replacement for traditional steel strapping solutions.

Soon, together with a partner, van Eck founded a company in the city of Helmond, in The Netherlands – and began manufacturing the first generation of cargo strapping systems. The idea caught on quickly…

The reason? Fred van Eck had invented not just a more efficient way of ensuring cargo security – he’d also realized a way to make it far safer. Not just in terms of minimizing damage to cargo – but, vitally, placing an emphasis on personal safety and lowering injuries.

And the result is a business that grew rapidly from a small Dutch company to a multinational business employing close to 500 employees across five continents – with experts in 50 countries working hard every day to keep the world’s cargo secure. 

The same insight that our founder had in 1965 still inspires Cordstrap today. We’re passionate about global shipping safety – and protecting those who provide it. With over 55 years of experience in cargo securing systems, our global network of specialists daily bring their expertise in application development into partnership with our customers, providing advice and training to ensure that their cargo reaches its destination safely and free of damage.

55 years of industry-leading global cargo security

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