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Food and Beverage

Understanding the Food and Beverage Industry

Cordstrap have the resource and commitment to the food and beverage industry to monitor all worldwide regulatory requirements. Then advise on mandatory requirements and best practice.

In addition to products and solutions, we can provide advice in such key areas as loading patterns and factory / warehouse cargo securing audits.

The right solution for the customer

We have over 50 years experience of our customer’s typical loads and a deep understanding of the differing ways in which they behave. We understand the fragility of the cargoes we secure and their sensitivity, for example to temperature.

Working in partnership with customers, our experts audit their requirements and then produce innovative solutions that meet their securing needs. Whether transporting soft drinks, alcohol or fruit.

Securing the food and beverage supply chain

Cargo securing insights for the Food and Beverage industry

Cordstrap Expertise

An unrivalled bank of knowledge allows Cordstrap to innovate and find the right securing solution for every application. Whatever the load, whatever the mode of transport.

Our solutions will be smarter, quicker and simpler to apply than traditional methods. We use technologically advanced, standardized solutions with expertly engineered add-ons to provide the right result. For every cargo, in every configuration. They are time and cost effective and keep total cost of ownership as low as possible. Whilst ensuring that claims and rejections are minimized. 

Our Food and Beverage industry experts

The global supply chain for food and beverages is highly competitive – and any loss of revenue or reputation due to disruption or damage is potentially disastrous. Eliminating those threats is what Cordstrap exists to do. With our commitment, industry knowledge and technological expertise, we’re not only a logical and cost-effective choice. We also provide the greatest asset of all. Peace of mind.

Meet Cordstrap Experts
True partnership in global cargo securing

Compliant container securing

Cordstrap’s container solutions are CTU code compliant and AAR approved to provide manufacturers with the peace of mind that their loads will be approved by surveyors and shipping lines. Nobody does more to ensure cargo travels safely, efficiently and with full compliance. Cordstrap are the only supplier of cargo securing with CTU Code Compliance Certification from Lloyd’s and MariTerm. With training and implementation support provided at a local level. As the global leader in cargo securing, we’re the only partner that can ensure supply chains are kept as short as possible.

CTU Code

Cordstrap CornerLash

CornerLash is an innovation that secures heavy loads (up to 30 tons) in containers as easily and effectively as possible.

Whether securing drums, IBC’s or for instance carton boxes or bags in 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers, the CornerLash solution ensures cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Cordstrap CornerLash

Cordstrap AnchorLash HD

Specifically designed for medium-weight loads in containers, AnchorLash HD is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing. The most time and cost efficient solution on the market, AnchorLash HD enables medium-weight cargo (up to 18 tons) to be secured in an easy and consistent way.

Suitable for many types of loads, including carton boxes, plastic drums, big bags, cans and other soft packaging – in both 20 ft and 40 ft containers – the AnchorLash HD solution ensures cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Cordstrap AnchorLash HD

Cordstrap AnchorLash

AnchorLash is specifically designed for light loads – up to 11 tons – in containers. Time and cost-efficient, it enables light cargo to be secured in an easy and consistent way.

The AnchorLash solution is suitable for many types of loads, including carton boxes, cans, and other soft packaging – in both 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers. AnchorLash ensures cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible. 

Cordstrap AnchorLash

Dunnage Bags

Manufactured in-house to provide maximum quality and choice, Cordstrap’s high-end dunnage bags are specifically designed to secure and stabilize cargo in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships.

They prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement. They are much more effective in stabilizing cargo than wood blocking and bracing – which are both more costly and time-consuming. 

Dunnage Bags

Bundling and Palletizing

For 50 years, Cordstrap have been developing innovative, efficient strapping and bundling solutions for securing cargo in transit. As the number one global supplier, we have also developed industry leading, award-winning tensioning technology. Increasing safety, consistency and productivity.

A combination of application expertise and market leading cargo-securing knowledge allows Cordstrap’s experts to apply our large range of strapping solutions to specific cargo securing requirements. In a technologically advanced, timely and reliable manner. 

Bundling and Palletizing

Cordstrap training and implementation support

One of the clearest demonstrations of Cordstrap’s world leadership in cargo securing for the food and beverage industry is a unique commitment to training that ensures the safety of people, cargo and brands.

Cordstrap’s team of global experts support our customers on both a worldwide and local basis. We provide support and on-site training that ensures both training and implementation of our solutions is standardized and consistent. At one site, or many.

Cordstrap Training

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