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Healthy living drives need for safe cargo securing

The food and beverage industry is experiencing increasing pressure from consumers to ensure that the packaging materials it uses are both ecologically sound and sustainable, whilst also providing the safest possible container for contents of all kinds.

Demand for better packaging

According to the recent EcoFocus Trend Study [1], 70% of grocery shoppers feel that foods and beverages with healthier ingredient lists should also use healthier packaging materials. This figure rises to 74% for Millennials. 73% of that group say that they try to buy products in recyclable packaging, and 59% look for packaging that is made with renewable materials.

A need for the best cargo securing

Such a demand means an increasing requirement to ensure that fragile packaging is secure in transit. And yet this is often not the case. Only 2% of all outgoing containers worldwide are currently inspected before shipment – and a recent study by TT Club came to the conclusion that poorly packed cargo accounts for 65% of all damage incidents. On a global scale, cargo losses have an annual estimated financial impact of $50 billion.

Finding a solution

To deliver the efficient, safe supply chain and product freshness that the food and beverage industry demands, it is vital that for any typical load, time and cost efficiency are maximized during cargo securing and handling. Total cost of ownership must be minimized and claims and rejections eliminated wherever possible.

The right partner

Cordstrap understand the needs of the food and beverage industry and the changing consumer demands that they must accommodate. We have over 50 years experience of our customer’s typical loads and a deep understanding of the differing ways in which they behave. We understand the fragility of the cargoes we secure and their sensitivity, for example to temperature. Working in partnership with customers, our experts audit their requirements and then produce innovative solutions that meet their securing needs. Whether transporting soft drinks, alcohol or fruit.

Peace of mind is a click away

With four simple questions, we can give preliminary cargo securing advice for your fragile loads. Just click here and you can be applying our knowledge to your specific requirements within minutes. And enjoying the peace of mind that working with the global leader in cargo securing brings.

[1] 2016 EcoFocus Trend Study of 4000 US consumers aged 18 to 65 years

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