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Cordstrap container solutions Peace of mind in secure food and beverage shipping

In March 1967, an experiment in food containerization saw tinned salmon transported from Japan to London, prompting the importer to say, “I have never seen cans which have travelled 10,000 miles in such excellent condition”. The 50 years since then have seen a massive growth in the global transportation of containerized food and beverages.

Complex supply chain

The food and beverage market is huge, with global exports in 2015 worth $1.3 billion. There is a constant need to transport fragile goods such as glass bottles, carton boxes or plastic wrappers over long distances. A complex supply chain is required to ensure their timely, safe and cost-effective arrival.

High demands and expectations

Transporting processed food and beverages demands the very highest standards of care. Every participant in the supply chain must take full responsibility for quality control and safety. Even if the actual product is protected, damage to packaging will mean rejection by the receiver or the end customer. Any accident or recall can cause lasting, international damage to a brand.

Avoiding bottlenecks in a tight delivery schedule

For any containerized food or beverage load, product freshness and availability depend on logistical efficiency. Loads have to be delivered in specific time slots. Total cost of ownership (TCO) must be minimized and claims and rejections eliminated wherever possible.

Removing bottlenecks is vital to minimizing TCO and optimizing logistics for food and beverage shippers. One key area where bottlenecks can arise is at the loading dock of production plants. Containers need to be secured safely and quickly. Inefficient securing methods used at this critical point can slow down the whole supply chain.

Container solutions that deliver

At Cordstrap, we have over 50 years experience of our customer’s typical loads and a deep knowledge of the differing ways in which they behave while in transit. We understand the fragility of the cargoes our solutions secure and their sensitivity, for example to sudden impacts.

Working in partnership with customers, our experts audit requirements and then deliver answers to their securing needs. Whether they are transporting soda cans, beer bottles or carton boxes with fruit. 

Cordstrap’s revolutionary solutions for container securing are CornerLash and AnchorLash.  They ensure that food products are protected in transit, minimizing rejections. The use of edge boards means that lashing cannot cut into packaging during any impact during shipping.

Peace of mind is a click away 

With four simple questions, we can give preliminary cargo securing advice for your fragile loads. Just click here and you can be applying our knowledge to your specific requirements within minutes. And enjoying the peace of mind that working with the global leader in cargo securing brings.

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