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Secure heavy weight cargo loads in a container

Specifically designed for heavy loads in containers, CornerLash is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing, that does not rely on existing container lashing points. This solution complies with the most rigorous regulations and is both time and cost efficient.

Suitable for many types of heavy loads, from drums, IBCs, 25 kg / 50 lb bags and other soft packaging – in both 20 ft and 40 ft containers – the CornerLash solution ensures cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible. 

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Tailor the solution for your specific cargo type

‘Plug and Play’ components – including load specific add-ons such as engineered protectors for IBC’s and EdgeBoards specially designed for soft packaging – ensure enhanced safety and speed.

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The right solution for every containerized load

As cargo protection experts, we understand the operational and logistical challenges businesses face when shipping cargo. We work closely with customers to ensure they have the right solutions, whatever the cargo type, modality or route, tailored to their requirements and priorities. 

Take a look at our range of standard loading plans and support tools or get in touch to discover how we can help to optimize your cargo protection operations.

Cordstrap CornerLash Container Loading Instructions

How to use Cordstrap CornerLash

Watch how quick and easy it is to secure your cargo with Cordstrap CornerLash.

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A revolution in cargo securing...

Operator efficiency

CornerLash is up to three times faster to apply than existing adhesive-based solutions – and the use of ‘plug and play’ components means that no excessive preparation is required. Delivered in packaging with all the elements needed to secure one container, making it quick and easy for the operator and giving them confidence that they have exactly what they need.

To secure one 20 ft container with up to 80 drums or 18 IBC’s, the following elements are packed together:

  • 4 Corner Elements
  • 4 Buckles
  • Woven Lashings
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No use of container lashing points

Traditionally, container lashing points in containers are used to secure cargo. However, these are not always strong enough to secure heavy cargo.

CornerLash is the only solution in the market that uses the strongest point of the container – the corner posts – to achieve optimum security. The patented, spring-loaded corner element is quick and easy to apply, and creates a new, strong anchor point for securing the heaviest of loads.

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Required tension for CornerLash

In order to comply with AAR regulations, we advise an applied tension of 3000 daN/6600lbf, which is best achieved with either a pneumatic or electric tensioner. For a Non AAR CornerLash solution, lashings may also be tensioned with a manual tensioner.

Cordstrap Tensioners

AAR verified and CTU Code compliant

Every transport method and region has its own rules and regulations. When shipping a container from its point of origin to its destination, it will fall under different rules and regulations while in transit.

The Cordstrap CornerLash solution is internationally verified by the Association of American Railroads (AAR), witness tested by Germanischer Lloyd and is fully CTU Code compliant.

Compliance, Approval & Certification

Global diagnostics, advice and training

Our global team of cargo protection experts can audit and evaluate your current securing practices (products, application and operational efficiency) and the potential impact of moisture on your cargo.

With this risk analysis, we can provide advice on the best solutions for your specific set of requirements, and provide training (on site or remote) to ensure that your cargo is being secured consistently across all your sites.

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More information and purchasing

To purchase Cordstrap CornerLash products please contact your account manager or contact us today for expert advice and quotation.

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