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Cordstrap CornerLash Instruction Videos

Secure heavy and hazardous cargo loads

Cordstrap CornerLash is the solution for heavy and hazardous loads. It provides optimal securing by using the strongest part of the container – the corner posts.

Watch how quick and easy it is to secure your cargo with Cordstrap CornerLash 105.4

Watch how quick and easy it is to secure your cargo with Cordstrap CornerLash 200LE.4

The right solution for every containerized load

As cargo protection experts, we understand the operational and logistical challenges businesses face when shipping cargo. We work closely with customers to ensure they have the right solutions, whatever the cargo type, modality or route, tailored to their requirements and priorities. 

Take a look at our range of standard loading plans and support tools or get in touch to discover how we can help to optimize your cargo protection operations.

CornerLash Container Loading Instructions

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