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Securing solutions for Galvanizers

Understanding the needs of galvanizers

With over fifty years experience in working with the galvanizing industry, Cordstrap understands the ever-expanding role of treated steel in the world economy – and the challenges of transporting it around the world safely and securely without damage from bad preparation, human error or environmental forces.

Cordstrap’s securing solutions for galvanizers are tailor-made to minimize these risks. A powerful range of industry-leading products is delivered along with world-class advice and quality training, applications expertise and legislative insights. This ensures a best in class customized solution for any galvanized steel challenge, driven by an appreciation of the transit requirements of the industry.

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Protecting the integrity of galvanized products

The advantages of hot dip galvanizing means that the process is protecting an ever-wider range of steel products globally, with nearly 100 million tons of HDG steel produced every year. Traditionally, steel strap has been used as the securing method for outbound loads from HDG plants.

This approach has its drawbacks:

  • Galvanized products are extremely hard on expensive steel strapping tooling.

  • Steel straps can scratch or damage freshly galvanized products.

  • Operator injuries from steel strapping are a frequent concern.

Many of the biggest galvanizers worldwide choose Cordstrap as their cargo-securing partner, because of the benefits that our technologically advanced products and solutions give them.

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A technologically advanced solution

Known as ‘synthetic steel’, Cordstrap Composite (CC) Strapping is the latest development in strapping technology. It provides a high quality, strong solution to securing loads of all shapes and sizes.

Stronger than steel strap, it will not damage galvanized products in the way that steel can, or cause oxidation. It is also time and cost-effective and improves safety by reducing the risk of injury. 

Cordstrap Strapping

The right range of tensioners

Cordstrap’s range of tensioners are low-cost, low-maintenance and durable – unlike steel strapping tools that are easily eroded by contact with galvanized products. Used In combination with our strapping, Cordstrap self-locking buckles are themselves galvanized to prevent corrosion. 

“There was a noticeable difference on switching from traditional steel to a composite strap. The elimination of product damage led to really significant cost savings for the customer.”

Jeff Totka
Major Account Executive, Cordstrap

Cordstrap Tensioners

Safety and compliance

All Cordstrap’s applications are fully CTU compliant and many carry AAR approvals, which is of key importance when trying to ensure cargo is delivered in the same condition as when despatched.

Working with the global resources of Cordstrap allows galvanizers to maintain their competitive advantage worldwide, while minimizing health and safety and product damage incidents during transit.

Compliance, Approval & Certification

Industry leading training and implementation support

As the world leader in cargo securing, Cordstrap’s customers and their needs are at the center of everything we do. Our network of global experts – and our understanding and experience of the requirements of galvanizers when shipping product – means that there will always be support at hand for any issue, anywhere in the world. At one site, or many.

Cordstrap Training

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