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The right product for the right customer “A real partner” in finding a better solution for railcar securing

Cordstrap’s AAR approved railcar securing solutions have advantages over traditional metal securing methods. Their safety, ease of use and security have been powerfully demonstrated. As shown recently when one of the US’s major particleboard manufacturers began working with us.

A thorough trial 

Our team of rail specialist spent two days working closely with the manufacturer’s shipping team. The team trained them on the most efficient way to secure particleboard on bulkhead flatcars and in boxcars. After the shipping crew was 100% up to speed on how to use Cordstrap products, our team left tooling and product behind. The trial could then be continued with extended usage while a decision was made by their management team.

Great feedback 

The customer’s crew was enthusiastic about working with Cordstrap. Feedback from their clients after receiving deliveries was also extremely positive. Cordstrap products were found to be easy to work with, time and cost-efficient, and much safer than steel banding.

Brilliant service

Once the decision was made to switch to Cordstrap, we worked closely with the customer’s purchasing department. Pricing and order details were agreed upon - and all product and tooling were delivered in the desired timeline. This allowed the goal of a complete switch from steel banding to be met. Cordstrap were seen as ‘very responsive’ and ‘a real ally’. A true partner in finding a better solution to the customer’s cargo securing requirements.

Real success

The customer has now made a complete switch to CL150 and CC105/230AAR for all particleboard securing applications on rail cars, while migrating all future cargo securing requirements to us.

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