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The top 5 causes of container moisture damage

There are a multiple reasons why your container can turn into a greenhouse, with moisture condensing inside to form highly damaging container rain. Here are the top 5 that put your cargo at risk:

1. Loading conditions

Loading often happens close to the ocean. This can result in high levels of moisture within containers. And if a container was loaded in the rain, the water on the contents will evaporate when the container gets hot and condense again when it cools.

2. Packing and packaging materials

The packing and packaging materials contribute to the moisture content inside the container. This increases the risk of problems with condensation.

3. Temperature changes

On its voyage, the temperature inside a container can change significantly, both because of the changing climate during the voyage and the temperature differences between day and night. Evaporation will occur during warm phases, with condensation occurring as the container cools down.

4. Ventilation

Lack of ventilation in a container obstructs the flow of air, which can cause a build up of moisture. The more air that circulates in a container, the less the contrast between the temperature inside and out, reducing the risk of condensation.

5. Treatment during shipping

How often is the container being moved? How often will it be opened and closed? At what time of day? In what weather conditions? These factors can affect the level of moisture in the container and the level of condensation that will result.


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