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Dunnage Bags for Container Cargo Securing

Suitable for many different types of cargo, D-Connect dunnage bag solutions ensure cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible. Direct Connect technology combined with valve positioning on the edge of the bag and solid tooling ensure enhanced safety and speed. A comprehensive tooling range enables inflation of different types and sizes with one single inflator type.

Cordstrap help companies worldwide transport hazardous and non-hazardous cargo in containers. Our dunnage bags are the safest and most effective way to fill empty spaces during shipping.

Dunnage bag portfolio for container cargo securing

Cordstrap dunnage bags are available in five performance levels. Cargo stabilizer and lower level dunnage bags are specifically designed for use in containers. Each level is available in various sizes.

The different types of bags are coded with coloured labels to make them easy to recognize. Depending on the transport type and cargo, Cordstrap experts can advise on the correct bag for optimal cargo securing. 

Optimal security

Unique lamination ensures that sharp edges or objects cannot puncture Cordstrap dunnage bags when in a container. Performance meets AQL standards, making these the most reliable bags on the market.

Fast and easy

Inflating a 90 x 120 cm D-Connect dunnage bag takes only 17.5 seconds. This is 20% faster than the current fast inflation solutions on the market.* A slightly rigid structure makes the bag easy to handle and position between the load.

An Edgevalve is strategically positioned for easy access during inflation and deflation of the bag. The inflator clicks onto the valve smoothly. On arrival at the destination, the bag can be easily deflated by turning the spring.

* Based on in house testing of a range of market leading products.


Fully certified

Fully compliant with the latest rules and regulations, D-Connect dunnage bags support your responsibilities as a shipper, ensuring containerized  cargo passes through port controls smoothly and arrives at its destination safely and in perfect condition.

Cordstrap D-Connect dunnage bags are fully CTU compliant and meet current AAR Level specifications.

Expert support

Cordstrap D-Connect dunnage bags are fully supported by training and implementation from local Cordstrap cargo securing experts, enabling standardization and consistency when securing in containers.

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Our experts are happy to show you how fast and easy Cordstrap container securing solutions are. Contact us using the form below and our nearest expert will be in touch shortly.

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