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Secure light cargo loads in a container

Specifically designed for securing light loads, when cost is a priority. QuickLash provides a quick and easy solution for securing many types of cargo in a container.

Suitable for securing big bags, soft packaging, carton boxes and drums, QuickLash is a simple solution that ensures cargo is secure in the container and provides fall out protection when the container doors are opened.

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Tailor the solution for your specific cargo type

Load specific add-ons like edge boards and flex boards are used to further protect the cargo and ensure the lashing is correctly positioned.

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The right solution for every containerized load

As cargo protection experts, we understand the operational and logistical challenges businesses face when shipping cargo. We work closely with customers to ensure they have the right solutions, whatever the cargo type, modality or route, tailored to their requirements and priorities. 

Take a look at our range of standard loading plans and support tools or get in touch to discover how we can help to optimize your cargo protection operations.

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How to use Cordstrap QuickLash

Watch how quick and easy it is to secure your cargo with Cordstrap QuickLash.

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Fast and easy application

Securing a container with QuickLash can be completed by just one operative in under 8 minutes. 

The QuickLash solution is pre-assembled, with adjustable horizontal lashings attached to the vertical lashing, removing the need for additional preparation or cutting. It uses snaphooks on the vertical lashing, for quick and easy application to the upper and lower lashing anchor points in the container.

QuickLash is delivered packaged in a bag containing everything you need to secure one container ensuring operational efficiency throughout the process.

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Fully Certified

QuickLash carries MariTerm CTU Code compliance certification and Eurosafe Certification, and is witnessed by DNV-GL.

Compliance, Approval & Certification

Global diagnostics, advice and training

Our global team of cargo protection experts can audit and evaluate your current securing practices (products, application and operational efficiency) and the potential impact of moisture on your cargo.

With this risk analysis, we can provide advice on the best solutions for your specific set of requirements, and provide training (on site or remote) to ensure that your cargo is being secured consistently across all your sites.

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More information and purchasing

To purchase Cordstrap QuickLash products please contact your account manager or contact us today for expert advice and quotation.

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