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Cordstrap AnchorLash

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Secure light and medium weight cargo in a container

Consistent and efficient

A versatile solution designed for light and medium-weight loads in containers, AnchorLash is an innovation in cargo securing. 

Suitable for many types of hazardous and non-hazardous loads, including carton boxes, plastic drums, big bags, cans and other soft packaging – in both 20 ft and 40 ft containers – AnchorLash ensures cargo is secured safely, consistently and efficiently. Load specific add-ons such as EdgeBoards protect cargo by distributing any impact force and ensure that lashing is correctly positioned. Optional lashing snaphooks further optimize application speed.

For heavy or hazardous loads, Cordstrap recommends CornerLash.

How to use Cordstrap AnchorLash

Watch how quick and easy it is to secure your cargo with Cordstrap AnchorLash.

Instruction Videos

Optimal security

AnchorLash uses the strongest existing securing point in the container – the lower lashing points, which provide a securing force of 1000 daN, double that of the upper lashing points used in other securing methods.

Using woven loops, or snap hooks, for even quicker application, and the container anchor points, AnchorLash optimizes the maximum securing value, and is compliant with the CTU Code.

Fast and easy application

Securing a container with AnchorLash takes just eight to ten minutes, depending on load type.

AnchorLash components are packaged in a bag containing 6 or 8 rolls of lashing (depending on the weight to be secured) and steel buckles needed to secure one container, making it simple for the operator.  Pre-cut lashing means that no cutting is required reducing both time and waste. Optional snap hooks can further optimize application speed. 

Color coded lashing means it’s quick and easy to identify the order that the lashing needs to be applied – from light at the top to dark at the bottom.

On arrival at destination, AnchorLash can be removed in seconds, saving valuable operational time.

Ease of Inspection

To ensure ease of inspection when a container is opened, a shipping document is provided with AnchorLash which, when attached to a cargo, gives all necessary information to ensure a satisfactory inspection in the port.

On-site training for consistent application

Cordstrap customers are supported by the Cordstrap network of cargo protection experts in over 50 countries. Training can be provided on-site or remotely, with live sessions, delivered online from the Cordstrap Innovation Lab

This training delivers a thorough understanding of safe, consistent and compliant cargo transportation and can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

Container solutions training
AnchorLash is a versatile, and compliant solution for safely securing light and medium weight cargo in a container. It is cost and time effective and easy to implement consistently.

CTU Code compliant

AnchorLash carries Lloyd's, MariTerm CTU Code compliance certification and Eurosafe Certification.

This supports the responsibilities of shippers and ensures that cargo gets through port controls smoothly and arrives at its destination safely, in perfect condition.

The right solution for every containerized load

As cargo protection experts, we understand the operational and logistical challenges businesses face when shipping cargo. We work closely with customers to ensure they have the right solutions, whatever the cargo type, modality or route, tailored to their requirements and priorities. 

Take a look at our range of standard loading plans and support tools or get in touch to discover how we can help to optimize your cargo protection operations.

AnchorLash Container Loading Plans

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