Chemical manufacturers need a cargo protection partner who can work with them to engineer out risk associated with hazardous and non-hazardous goods that are on the move.

Cordstrap partners with chemical manufacturers, globally to ship hazardous and non-hazardous goods via ship, road and rail. Our Cargo Protection Engineers anticipate danger throughout the shipping journey and mitigate risk at every step. Our protection engineering approach analyzes the customers’ needs across their load securing and transportation operations.

We create a tailored loading plan or recommend a standardized plan. The loading plan delivers the optimum combination of products such as dunnage bags, lashing, strapping, buckles, tensioning tools and desiccants. We also work closely with customers to provide training that ensures consistency across loads and teams.

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Our products are AAR accredited, DNV, ISO, CTU Code and CSS Code compliant.

Cordstrap’s container solutions are CTU code compliant and AAR approved. They were specifically designed for securing drums, IBC’s and bags on pallets and are recognized by chemical industry customers around the world for their time and cost reduction as well as their safety. Nobody does more to ensure chemical cargo travels safely, efficiently and with full compliance.

Cordstrap are the only supplier of cargo securing with CTU Code Compliance Certification from Lloyd’s and MariTerm AB. 

Benefits of Cordstrap’s Cargo Protection applications

  • Cordstrap Lashing is the most effective way to secure cargo for international shipping. AAR verified, GL certified and CTU Code compliant.

  • Cordstrap’s GL certified composite polyester Strapping provides a high quality, reliable and strong solution to securing products of all shapes and sizes for transportation.

  • Cordstrap Dunnage Bags are specifically designed to secure and stabilize cargo in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships. They prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement and are much more effective in stabilizing cargo compared with wood blocking and bracing.

  • Cordstrap Buckles are manufactured from high quality steel and provide consistent securing across loads.

  • Cordstrap Tensioners are fast, easy to use and ensure loads are tensioned consistently.

  • Our market-leading desiccant, Moisture Control prevents catastrophic damage caused by moisture.


Cordstrap container protection solutions combine lashing, including the innovative CornerLash, AnchorLash and QuickLash solutions, and a wide range of Dunnage Bags to keep all cargo types and weights physically secure in the container.

Additionally, Cordstrap Moisture Control protects cargo from humidity in transit.

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Truck Cargo Protection

Cordstrap’s cargo protection solutions provide standardized and tailored solutions that ensure chemical loads are protected during transit.

From Dunnage Bags to fill voids to Lashing and Strapping, combined with buckles and tensioning tools that will ensure consistent tension across the load preventing movement and damages.

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Rail Cargo Protection

Cordstrap’s Dunnage Bags in combination with our Lashing and Strapping solutions protect loads in line with the AAR’s requirements.

We are Gold AAR members and work closely with them to innovate applications and solutions that protect hazardous and non-hazardous goods, and the people handling them, across the entire rail freight network. 

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