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Tips and Advice Steel and Metal

Working with Cordstrap and accessing the company’s innovative products and application techniques allows steel and metal producers to maintain their competitive advantage worldwide, safely and cost-effectively, while reducing health and safety and product damage incidents during transit.

  • For heavy steel and metal cargos such as coils or slabs concentrated on a small cargo footprint, particular attention should be taken to ensure that the floor of the cargo is not damaged and that the weight is equally distributed over the whole floor of the container. Cordstrap’s specialists can help plan the most appropriate securing methods.
  • Compliance with the latest version of the CTU code is important for shippers – who are now explicitly responsible for delivering a cargo which is safe and suitable for transport.
  • Dynamic Cargo Securing can prevent damage to product transported on flat racks, where external forces can cause a static cargo like steel coils to behave dynamically. Dynamic Cargo Securing maintains lashing strength and a high level of security in transit.  It utilizes Cordstrap’s patented grooved Dynablock buckle and industry leading Cordlash product to create a single flexible solution.
  • Lashing should be applied only after consideration and calculation of the forces and movements that may act on the cargo. Such calculations should be based on current codes and standards. Cordstrap’s team of cargo securing experts can advise for specific applications.
  • The best lashing for a particular solution depends on a variety of factors such as the nature and weight of products and mode of transportation.
  • Cordstrap strapping and lashing comes in different strengths, from 1,000 lbs (450 daN) to in excess of 45,000 lbs (20,000 daN). Note that polypropylene based straps, whilst superficially similar, have completely different elongation properties from Cordstrap strap.

Maintaining a competitive advantage with safe, cost-effective shipping solutions

Steel and Metal Industry

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