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Freight train tragedy highlights the dangers of incorrect cargo securing

The first quarter of 2019 has seen the dangers of poor, non-compliant cargo securing graphically demonstrated by a number of major incidents. We’ve written about a series of worldwide shipping fires, these incidents demonstrate the many problems that exist in global shipping insurance and inspection regimes.

Another recent event that highlighted the dangers of incorrect cargo protection was the tragic loss of eight lives in the worst accident on Denmark’s rail network in 30 years.

As storm-force winds from Storm Alfrida battered Scandinavia on January 2nd, an express train on the Great Belt Bridge was struck by a semi-trailer filled with beer crates, which fell from a freight train flatcar coming in the opposite direction.

Danish authorities have now confirmed that local wind conditions were strong enough to shift the semi-trailer. The incident ‘very likely’ happened because the unit ‘wasn’t properly secured’.

The accident tore the side out of the passenger train, where all the fatalities were suffered. In addition, 16 people were injured. As a result of the tragedy, Denmark has banned the transportation of truck trailers on trains.

These incidents all demonstrate the massive and potentially tragic consequences of incorrect cargo protection. The implications for shippers are severe, in terms of tightened legislation, increased inspections and related insurance claims. Resulting in time and cost penalties and possible major damage to brand reputations. 

As global leaders in cargo protection, Cordstrap have worked closely with all major regulatory bodies to develop innovative, fully compliant cargo protection solutions. We are certified by organizations including Germanischer Lloyd, the IMO and Mariterm AB. In addition, the American Association of Railroads approves Cordstrap’s solutions.

Cordstrap can provide the peace of mind of knowing that your cargo is safely secured in transit. To find out more about railcar securing click here.

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