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Providing innovative cargo protection in partnership

Globalization means that supply chains become ever-more extended and complex for global shippers and their logistics partners. The safe and efficient transport of goods is essential for all parties. Cargo protection is key to this.

Recognizing key issues

Cordstrap cargo protection experts have daily conversations with companies that ship globally. These highlight key issues for supply chain and logistics professionals:

  • Operators and dockworkers often lack proper cargo securing knowledge
  • A constant trade-off exists between customer satisfaction and the cost of compliance
  • There is often friction between HQ policy and multi-site implementation
  • Shippers pressure 3PL suppliers to reduce costs. This can make it hard to comply with rules and regulations

All these issues increase risk during shipping. Which can result in delays, higher costs and potentially far more serious implications for shippers, 3PL’s, customers and brands.

A partnership for protection

By working with Cordstrap cargo protection experts, logistics companies can ensure that the goods they handle are secured as safely and efficiently as possible. Our industry-leading products and solutions ensure that cargo always reaches its destination safe and damage free.

Cordstrap’s revolutionary container securing solutions CornerLash and AnchorLash, along with our wide range of Dunnage Bags, physically secure cargo in containers. The latest addition to our portfolio is Moisture Control. This protects cargo from humidity in transit.

Cordstrap Products

Complete legislative compliance

With local market knowledge in over fifty countries, Cordstrap provides the peace of mind that comes from understanding all international and local standards and requirements. The products and solutions we deliver are compliant with the latest legislation and guidance.

Minimized total cost of ownership

Safety is always a priority in shipping. But so is efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Cordstrap provides the logistics companies we partner with proven, regulated solutions for each of our applications.

Backed by on-site diagnostics, advice and training. Helping to simplify the supply chain and deliver intelligent global shipping solutions that allow all parties to deliver, succeed and grow.

Cordstrap solutions for logistics partners

All the solutions that Cordstrap offer to logistics companies are designed to drive out supply chain complexity and deliver safe, efficient and compliant cargo protection.

We make containerization easy, fast and cost effective, ensuring cargo stability and controlling container climate.

Our flat-rack securing solutions protect heavy machinery from extreme external influences such as g-forces and adverse weather.

Cordstrap heavy-duty polyester lashings provide ship securing for break-bulk cargo in and on board vessels. 

The bundling and palletizing requirements of logistics companies are met by Cordstrap’s industry-leading solutions for non-standardized cargo.

For railcar securing, our unique dynamic cargo securing solutions provide a high degree of shock absorbency.

Cargo Securing Solutions

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