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Container Cargo Securing – Optimal security

Safe and secure transportation is of vital importance regardless of the cargo inside a container. Security concerns not just the cargo itself, but the workers and the environment of the container.

The right securing point

Cordstrap CornerLash

Cordstrap’s CornerLash uses the strongest point of a container – the container post – to secure the cargo. By locking a specially engineered corner element in the steel corner, the CornerLash solution is able to safely secure up to 30 tons of cargo.

Cordstrap AnchorLash

In contrast to CornerLash, AnchorLash uses the existing lower lashing points in a container. By employing these, AnchorLash is capable of securing cargo of up to 11 tons.

High tech lashing

Low elongation lashing with a cutting edge manufacturing process and a special weaved pattern avoids cargo hitting the container door in an impact – for example, when shunting a rail car during transport.

Cordstrap’s low elongation lashing can be recognized by its orange color. CornerLash in combination with this orange lashing is AAR approved for most loads.

Specifically designed elements for your specific cargo

Specifically designed elements like edge boards and IBC protectors are designed to hold and protect specific types of cargo against damage. They also hold lashing in place during transport for a maximum securing force during the entire journey. Pre-cut lashing reduces the risk of injuries since no sharp objects are needed.

Instructions, loading plans and training

Even with the right materials, safety risks can still occur without the proper knowledge of how to secure cargo. Cordstrap offers personal training, a wide range of instruction materials and loading plans that ensure container solutions are applied in a consistent way.

Container Cargo Securing – Optimal security

For more information on the importance of optimal security, see the video below.

Container Cargo Securing

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