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Container Cargo Securing – Fully Certified

Proper cargo securing prevents cargo from getting damaged during transport. It also reduces the chances of personal and environmental incidents. A recent study showed that 65% of all container incidents are the result of poorly packed, blocked or secured cargo.

The importance of certification

In order to ensure the safe transportation of goods, both local and global bodies have produced rules and regulations – meaning that dependent on the journey and transport modality, a container will be subject to differing rules and regulations. Not complying with these can cause incidents or rejections that result in additional costs.

CTU Code compliant certified

The CTU Code has a global reach and is written by three United Nations committees. Cordstrap container cargo securing solutions are calculated, simulated and tested for CTU compliance. These tests were performed and witnessed by leading certification agencies like Mariterm and Lloyd’s.

As of the first of January 2018, all hazardous cargo transported by ship must be secured according to the CTU Code as it will then be part of the IMDG Code.

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AAR approved

The AAR have an ongoing ambition to lower the number of incidents with freight transport on American railroads – and handle a strict and extensive approval process for cargo securing on rail cars.

Cordstrap work in close collaboration with the AAR and CornerLash is AAR approved for specific types of cargo. AAR approved CornerLash solutions make use of orange low elongation lashing.

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Container Cargo Securing

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