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Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring

Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring is an innovative new service developed to transform cargo protection and help businesses thrive

Until now, shippers have either been unaware of the issues and forces experienced by their cargo in transit, or understood them with no support or expertise to resolve any problems. This results in challenges and threats to cargo, increased costs and inefficient supply chains.

Combining big data and IoT technology with unparalleled global cargo protection expertise, Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring provides our customers with both clarity on what happens in a container during transit and tailored solutions to meet their cargo shipping needs.

The only truly 360° cargo monitoring service and solution available in the market

It is this combined approach of data-led insight and unparalleled cargo protection expertise that makes Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring unique. 

Cordstrap’s cargo protection experts look at our customers’ specific cargo types, the routes and times of the year they are shipping and any historical cargo threats and issues. This information is mapped against over 5 years’ worth of route data and analysis. And this unique approach enables  Cordstrap to offer truly tailored solutions and advice to protect all future shipments.

Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring also monitors your shipments in real time, which means you know as soon as there is an issue and can take preventative measures before the container even arrives.

Three different packages offer a suite of offerings to match your specific needs

Shipping Route Analysis

Detailed report combining port performance knowledge with historical route information

Monitored Cargo Protection

Cargo level analysis of where risks lie and damages may occur.

Monitored Cargo and Supply Chain Optimization

24/7 insight into what is happening with cargo and the supply chain through historical data, tracking, insight data and real time reporting.

Whether you are looking for route risk profiles, facts about monitored cargo protection, or supply chain optimization, Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring can provide highly bespoke and insight driven solutions for the specific needs and challenges of your business.

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Unique solution capability

Cordstrap Cargo Monitoring offers a unique solution capability. It uses Sensors (hardware), Analytics (software) and Operations (device retrieval) and combines this with Cordstrap’s world class leading body of knowledge around cargo protection and securing.

It delivers insights into the magnitude and likelihood (the where and when) of risk to cargo at a container level; this includes shocks, delays, humidity, temperature and security risks. It validates the necessity and/or functionality of your cargo protection solutions, providing you with insight-lead tailored advice and solutions. And delivers transparency regarding supply chain performance.

In fact, everything you need to ensure your cargo stays safe and intact throughout the shipping process. And the best part is, we make it simple. Here’s how it works:

A unique 5-step approach

 1. Explore

Detailed look into current cargo challenges and threats and review of routes and modalities.

2. Scope

Applying our unique cargo protection expertise we identify the cargo monitoring package required to match the issues found in the explore stage.

3. Collect

Data collected in real time from the point the cargo monitoring device is mounted in the container right through to the end of the journey. Analysis can happen during or post journey as required.

4. Analyze

Data analyzed to identify issues around temperature, humidity, shock and security along with risks to the supply chain.

 5. Engineer

Cordstrap experts use the combination of steps 1-4 to provide tailored, engineered solutions that mitigate against the identified issues on an ongoing basis and risks to your cargo and supply chain.

To find out more out our unique 5 step approach, get in touch with a local cargo protection expert. They can discuss the ways we can help you with insights and solutions to protect your cargo and optimize your supply chain.

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Applying our expertize to your business

We have monitoring data from over 10,000 shipments, from the world’s leading ports, across all types of major industries. 

The result is the world’s biggest body of knowledge and expertise when it comes to cargo protection. And this we apply to your business, providing loading plans, securing solutions, product innovations, moisture management and supply chain insights.

Cordstrap Container Cargo Protection Solutions

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