Dynamic Cargo Securing

Dynamic shipping challenges are unique because cargo can be intrinsically dynamic and even static cargo can behave dynamically when exposed to outside forces. That is why Cordstrap’s Dynamic Cargo Securing solution utilizes our patented grooved Dynablock buckle and our industry leading Cordlash product, to create a single flexible solution that is superior to steel based securing products such as cable and chain as well as polyester ratchet systems.

So whether it’s intrinsically dynamic cargo, or static cargo that behaves dynamically, the Cordstrap Dynamic Cargo Securing solution provides unparalleled safety and security in one innovative and efficient system.

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One Integrated Solution

A solution utilizing proven one-way polyester lashing. Works on intrinsically dynamic cargo, static cargo that behaves dynamically and static cargo. Applicable to both open en closed CTU’s.


Effective and Efficient

Effectively absorbs vibrations during transport and prevents slippage in all dynamic situations. As strong as steel yet won’t damage cargo.   

Safe and Flexible

Safer to work with than steel, cable or chains. Customizable strap length reduces wastage. Easy to apply in any situation. 


Dynamic Cargo Securing solutions are safer to apply than steel strapping and more flexible and easier on cargo than chains.

  • Unique patented Dynablock buckle with grooves, prevents lashing from slipping.

  • Flexible one-way polyester lashing does not damage cargo or equipment.

  • A safe, quick and easy way to secure cargo of any shape and size.

  • GL witnessed. AAR approved, compliant with DIN(EN) and ASTM standards.

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Protecting dynamic cargo across all modalities...

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