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Cordstrap Video Library - Cargo Security and Product Usage

50 years of Expertise

Established in 2009, the Cordstrap Knowledge Center is the central point from which you can access our 50 years of expertise in global cargo securing, gather practical advice quickly and connect directly with a Cordstrap expert in your industry or area.

Meet Cordstrap’s Experts

Cordstrap Training

Located at our corporate headquarters in the Netherlands and at our headquarters in the USA, the Cordstrap training centers offer the opportunity to participate in our Secure Cargo Training program. 

Together with our trainers, our partners have the opportunity to develop a training program that suits their specific requirements.

Cargo Securing Training Program

Cordstrap Tips and Advice

Cordstrap bring over 50 years of experience to the mission of keeping the world’s cargo safe.

As a result of their ongoing dialogue with our customers, our experts have developed a series of practical tips and advice for cargo securing your industry. 

Tips and Advice

Cordstrap Demonstration Videos

Want to learn what your cargo goes through in transit? To understand the real differences between steel banding and polyester strapping? 

See just how quick and easy Cordstrap products are to apply? Click here now!

Demonstration Videos