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Understanding cargo protection for heavy cargo in transit – ensuring compliance, guaranteeing safety, improving efficiency.

Businesses across the construction industry face significant issues when transporting large and heavy loads. Cordstrap works closely with customers to help mitigate risk and prevent damage.


  • A producer of granite stone blocks was transporting two 12-ton blocks in a 20’ dry closed container.
  • The producer was not using any cargo securing products, as they believed that due to the weight of the cargo it would not move.
  • In 2018 authorities across Europe began to inspect cargo being transported by road to ensure it met standard UNE EN 12/195 annex 1. This resulted in fines being imposed across the industry, especially for heavy loads such as granite, stone and marble.
  • Incidents of extensive damage had occurred across the industry due to heavy cargo moving during transit.


Cordstrap worked closely with the customer to understand the different stages of transportation.

We assessed the load types, transportation modes and routes, to provide the calculations necessary to establish the most appropriate, compliant lashing method. It was important to take all the variables into account to ensure the correct levels of protection throughout transportation.    

To ensure knowledge transfer we provided demonstrations and training to ensure safety, consistency and reduce the risk of physical injury or damage to the cargo or transportation container.    


  • The company is now confident that inspection penalties will be avoided.
  • Cargo is now safely secured and protected with a certified, CTU Compliant solution.
  • Risk of physical injury or container damage is reduced.

Key Learnings

To ensure the safe, intermodal transit of heavy cargo, businesses must consider and review all stages of transit; from source to warehouse and from the warehouse to loading the transport unit. It is also important to consider the forces that the load may be exposed to during transit, based on the transport modality (road, rail, sea).

To avoid problems with inspection, damage to cargo or injury to people, it’s important to carefully select a compliant securing solution that will ensure that you meet your responsibilities with regards to local and global regulation.              

It is key that your employees have a good level of knowledge about both the importance of good cargo securing and the products available to ensure that you comply to the latest requirements and regulations.

Cordstrap’s local cargo protection experts can help you ensure the safe, CTU compliant transit of your cargo, both nationally and globally. Contact them today.

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