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Intermodal rail can save you time and money but what about the risks?

Rail is often a preferred route for intermodal transport in North America. America’s unrivalled rail infrastructure has enjoyed a $660 billion investment since 1980. A key part of that has been the improvement and expansion of intermodal handling facilities. This has led to over 100% growth in intermodal rail since 1990 and it has now overtaken coal as the primary source of rail revenue.

Rail is cheaper, faster and cleaner than road transport which is being further hampered by escalating fuel costs, rising congestion and a chronic driver shortage that is predicted to worsen.

However, rail is not a simple option, it has its own very particular dynamics. The forces to which cargos are subjected can be as high as 4G and the American Association of Railroads (AAR) protect their unrivalled reputation for safety with a very highly regulated approach to cargo securing. It’s an approach that Cordstrap welcomes and our unrivalled reputation for innovative, failsafe cargo securing  has earned us a long and close relationship with the AAR with whom we are Gold Members.

This is hugely important for shippers wanting to enjoy the benefits of intermodal rail especially chemical companies who must use AAR approved cargo securing systems. The versatility and efficiency of containers over trailers has led to massive dominance. They now account for 92% of all intermodal rail. And Cordstrap’s unique CornerLash securing system is one of only two that are fully approved for use in containers by the AAR.

Failure to fully understand the unique requirements of the AAR, which are applied right across the North American rail network, could be a major problem. Cargos can be delayed until they can be repacked if they don’t meet the AAR’s stringent regulatory standards. To fully benefit from the cost and time efficiencies of intermodal transport, it is vital that your logistics teams are trained to secure cargos in a way that will pass inspections at every stage of their journey. Cordstrap’s ability to do that throughout the world with even the strictest regulatory bodies means we aren’t just securing your cargo. We’re securing your business.

To find the AAR approved solution for your cargo by answering 4 simple questions, click here.  

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