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Cordstrap launches container-securing solution for plastic drums

100 million full containers are now shipped globally every year. So it may be surprising that poor packing and securing within containers is a major problem. In fact, it’s estimated that poor and incorrect packing are the cause of over 50% of container incidents worldwide. (CINS 2015) 

Revolutionary cargo securing solutions

Cordstrap are the global leader in cargo securing. Our revolutionary solutions secure loads of all kinds. CornerLash is designed for heavy loads. AnchorLash for light loads. With selected add-ons, they can secure drums, IBC’s and soft packaging like carton boxes in containers for worldwide transportation. They are fully certified and fast and easy to apply, consistently.

These market-leading solutions are proving very popular. For shipping hazardous and non-hazardous goods from large multi-site locations.

Securing plastic drums in a container

Recently, a major international beverage company asked us for a solution to the transportation of plastic drums in containers.

Plastic drums are made of High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE). This makes them well suited for transporting food and beverage and chemical products. They are lighter and cheaper than steel drums but less stable in form. Movement in containers caused by poor securing can result in unacceptable deformation, damage and leakages.

Securing plastic drums with AnchorLash

The latest additions to our portfolio mean that Cordstrap AnchorLash can now be used to secure plastic drums using the existing lower anchor point in the container. It provides optimal securing of loads up to 22 tons. AnchorLash is fast and easy to apply, in only eight minutes. Pre-cut lashing means no extensive preparation is required. Easy to use add-ons tailor the solution to different loads. The AnchorLash plastic drum application is CTU compliant and certified by Mariterm and Lloyds.


After extensive testing, AnchorLash for Plastic Drums is now available for cargo up to 11 tons and up to 22 tons.

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