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EUROSAFE Certificate for the Protection of Soft Packaging

After carrying out investigations based on driving dynamics including comprehensive acceleration and braking tests, Cordstrap are pleased to announce that we now have a container cargo securing solution for soft packaging that is both CTU Code and EuroSafe Certified.

These certificates validate our AnchorLash and CornerLash solutions for securing soft packaging such as Big Bags, Flexible IBC (FIBC) and bagged goods.

Pallet sizes such as CP1, CP3 and CP9, as well as europallet dimensions are all covered by this certification.

Testing CTU Code compliance in transit

In the course of investigating driving dynamics, palletized paper bags and Big Bags were tested on wooden pallets. The driving tests were carried out with a load of 0.8 g three times in the direction of driving and likewise with 0.8 g in the opposite direction.

The challenge: Extremely low cone formation and low inherent stability of the cargo

The inherent stability of a bulk material can be characterized by its cone formation. The driving dynamics tests were carried out with a cone formation of < 15°.

Results of operational testing

After three emergency stops in the direction of the bulkhead and one in the direction of the container door with at least 0.8 g, the retention system was completely operational and undamaged. Falling out of the load units after opening the doors was also effectively prevented, even after multiple test loads.


The solution: Cordstrap Retainer Buckle

Despite possible load shifts during transportation, the straps remained in position and fully effective.


Retainer Buckle CRB 10


The balance of forces for a weight of 20,000 kg (44,092 lbs.) in the container

The CTU requirements are completely fulfilled for maritime transport (sea area C), as well as road transportation and combined road/rail transportation. In creating the certificate, all acceleration values, GPS data and the theoretical calculations of EN-12195-1 and the CTU Code were taken into account.

Fast and simple

  • Installed in just 12 minutes
  • Up to twice as fast as alternative solutions 

Completely certified

  • Tested and certified by EUROSAFE
  • Full CTU compliance
  • Certified by Mariterm AB and Lloyds 

Various packaging, various properties

AnchorLash and CornerLash can be optimized for particular applications with a range of add ons, including HangStraps, FlexBoards and EdgeBoards.

Our promise to the chemical industry

  • Optimal security
  • Complete certification by EUROSAFE, Mariterm AB and Lloyds
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Standardized way of working
  • Training and support by Cordstrap experts

Keeping the world’s cargo safe

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