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Discussing the trends impacting the logistics industry

Ansgar Busshoff, Cordstrap’s Commercial Manager Germany is attending Fachpack on 23-26 September, in Nürnberg, Germany. One of the hot topics at the event will be the trends impacting the logistics industry in 2019.

We caught up with Ansgar to discuss his thoughts on these trends. If you’re going to Fachpack, you can find Ansgar at the Cordstrap stand (hall 7A, stand 505) ready to talk through this or any other cargo protection questions! 

Q. One of the biggest challenges facing the logistics industry is the shortage of good personnel. What impact does Cordstrap see this shortage having on the cargo protection industry?

A. At Cordstrap, we believe the best way to resolve the current shortage is by providing training that is specifically designed to be fast and easy to deploy. We provide a combination of on and off-site product, application and legislation training designed to bring staff up to speed quickly and efficiently. This approach enables you to get maximum value out of existing personnel and bring on new staff while maintaining the very highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Q. Like many other industries, logistics is undergoing a digital revolution. How is Cordstrap keeping pace with this transformation?

A. Cordstrap is actively investing in technologies that facilitate real-time, cargo tracking throughout the shipping process. These technologies allow us to measure the frequency and size of shocks containers experience during shipping. They also provide us with a range of other critical data about factors impacting cargo such as, temperature, humidity levels, door openings, etc.  This wealth of data is invaluable in enabling us to design highly sophisticated solutions to protect cargo against all the forces they are currently exposed to and identify new risks for shipments. It also means our customers are kept fully informed about their cargos and are aware of any incidents as soon as they occur.    

Q. In recent months, the press has covered a series of major ship fires at sea. What steps is Cordstrap taking to ensure sea transport remains a safe and viable way to move cargo in the future?

A. Safety and compliance have always been our highest priority at Cordstrap. This remains as true today as it always has been.  Our innovative and efficient cargo protection solutions are fully CTU Code compliant and are backed by certification from all the world’s major regulatory bodies including Germanischer Lloyd, the IMO and Mariterm AB. Cordstrap’s systems have also been fully approved by the American Association of Railroads (AAR), which is especially reassuring when you learn that shipments will be getting more random inspections on arrival at US ports as well as at departure points. 

Q. Despite the many challenges currently facing international logistics, the global industry is optimistic about the future, with over 43% of businesses forecasting positive economic development in the short term. Does Cordstrap share this outlook?

A. We are hugely positive about how many businesses around the world are growing and in the dynamism of the global economy. Today, we help ship more cargo to more places in the world than ever before and we see this growth trend continuing as we move forward. With over 50 years’ experience and more than 50 offices around the world, Cordstrap are the only cargo protection company with a truly global support network and, as such, we are perfectly positioned to help every business looking to grow their business worldwide.

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