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Leading the cargo-securing world on CTU Code compliance

The global shipping industry is now adapting to the implications of compliance with the 2014 Code of Practice for Packing of CTUs (Cargo Transport Units). These widespread measures on the safe packing and handling of cargo will be followed within a year by new regulations for the verification of container weight.

Whist these measures are largely a matter of common sense, a clear chain of responsibility has been established within the Code that has major implications for the parties involved in global cargo transport – with an explicit statement that,

“although the carrier generally is responsible to deliver the cargo in the same condition as received, it is the shipper who should deliver a cargo that is safe and suitable for transport”

As the global leader in cargo securing, Cordstrap are at the forefront of ensuring that major international shipping and logistics companies – across all key industry sectors - are aware of their responsibilities under the Code and are compliant with it. 

The industry-leading range of Cordstrap products and solutions is CTU compliant – and tailored for specific client usage by a worldwide team of cargo-securing experts. Besides this, Cordstrap is able to offer the unique resource of the Cordstrap Knowledge and Training Centers in the Netherlands and USA, offering all clients the opportunity to participate in a Secure Cargo Training program.

The CTU Code is a positive move in adding safety and clarity to the shipping supply chain. Working with Cordstrap allows 3PL businesses, export packers, stevedores – and their customers – the peace of mind of ensured compliance with the Code, now and in the future.

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