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Container Cargo Securing – Fast and easy

Cordstrap container lashing solutions CornerLash and AnchorLash are the fastest and easiest securing methods in a container today. Both solutions secure cargo in a container under ten minutes.

Pre-cut lashing and steel buckles

The lashing of container solutions is pre-cut. This saves time measuring the correct length. Plus no sharp object is needed to cut the lashing, increasing safety - and reducing time and waste of material.

The steel buckles to close the system are selected based on the cargo securing solution, to ensure the highest level of system strength.

Low elongation lashing

If you are shipping containers on rail in or to the US, Cordstrap include specially designed low elongation lashing, in order to ensure AAR approval. Low elongation lashing withholds cargo hitting container doors in a sudden impact. It can be recognized by its orange color.

Plug and play add-ons to ensure ease of use

Containers can contain a wide variety of cargo. And all cargo behaves in a different way while being transported. Cordstrap offer a wide variety of add-ons to ensure ease of of working and to maintain the maximum level of protection.

Examples are edge boards designed for soft packaging that have specially designed slits to hold lashing during and after securing cargo in a container. IBC protectors click on an IBC easily, so that it is impossible to run out of hands when securing a container.

Our cargo securing experts can advise you on the right solutions with the right add-ons matching your cargo type and weight.

Uniquely packaged to save time

Cordstrap container solutions come in specially designed box pallets. The content is tailored to your specific needs and can be placed immediately next to the loading dock to save valuable time when securing a container.

The layout of the box pallet is designed so that everything needed to secure cargo in a container can be selected in one go. 

Box content that is tailored to your exact requirements

The container solutions box pallet contains plug and play components for securing cargo in a container. The actual content differs based on container size, cargo type, weight and destination. A Cordstrap container solutions expert will advise you on your perfect setup.

All container solutions consist of pre-cut lashing and steel buckles. Based on your individual requirements, additional components like CornerLash corner elements, IBC protectors and edge boards are added in exactly the right configuration.

Container lashing of 80 drums using CornerLash requires 4 corner elements, 4 buckles and 4 lashings.

Application and removal in minutes

Compared to most other cargo securing methods such as wood or adhesive systems, applying Cordstrap container solutions is very fast and easy. Where other methods take up to an hour to prepare a container, AnchorLash and CornerLash are installed in a matter of minutes, saving valuable time and cost.

Upon arrival at destination, lashing can be cut and disposed of, leaving significantly less waste than traditional wood securing. And there is no need to remove any adhesives or other materials. This ensures that both loading and unloading a container is fast and easy.

See how to secure cargo in a container in under ten minutes

This video shows how to secure different types of cargo in a container using CornerLash in ten minutes. Making CornerLash the fastest cargo securing solution in a container today. 

Request a container solutions demonstration

Our experts are happy to show you how fast and easy Cordstrap container securing solutions are. Contact us using the form below and our nearest expert will be in touch shortly.

Container Cargo Securing

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