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The advantages of using Cordstrap CC strap in place of steel banding

Known as ‘synthetic steel’, Cordstrap composite (CC) strapping is the safer, easier, faster to apply and cheaper alternative to steel banding.

A safer product and certified by DNV GL

It is recognised across the industry that steel banding, while commonly used, has a number of disadvantages that can lead to head, eye and hand injuries and can damage the cargo by crushing or scratching it.

With Cordstrap polyester strapping, operators are able to apply high tension in order to secure  the heaviest of loads without a risk of injury to the operators securing or unloading the product. Additionally, due to the composition of our polyester strapping, operators can avoid damage to the cargo during securing or transit.     

Easier to work with

Steel can require two tools for tensioning, and these are expensive to maintain because of metal-on-metal wear. Polyester strapping is always applied with one tool that can last for many years, such as the Cordstrap CBT35 Tensioner, which has delivered a 38% increase in daily output.

Faster to apply – and drives down costs

Cordstrap strapping solutions are highly efficient, CTU-Code compliant and can be applied by just one operative – helping to drive down costs through optimized load times, reduced number of operatives and the prevention of damaged cargo.

The disadvantages of steel banding include:

  • Low elasticity
  • Low elongation recovery
  • Low shock (energy) absorbency
  • Low dynamic system strength
  • Dangerous to users
  • Damage to products
  • Requires separate waste disposal
  • Heavy weight

There are many benefits to using Cordstrap CC Strapping:

  • Safety – Easier, safer to use and to remove compared with steel
  • No damage to painted finish or finished surface
  • No barrier material needed
  • High tensile strength
  • Shock absorption
  • Retained tension
  • More flexible than steel
  • Cost saving versus Steel banding
  • Lower cost tooling
  • Easily disposed
  • Will not rust and stain
  • Light weight 

To learn more about Cordstrap securing solutions, and discuss your requirements, contact your local cargo protection expert.

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