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Product Leaflets

Cordstrap Moisture Control

The Cordstrap Moisture Control Portfolio consists of the latest calcium chloride and starch technology to deliver the best absorption available on the market. The use of high performing Tyvek technology in outer bags guarantees they are tear resistant and leak proof.


Cordstrap D-Connect Dunnage Bags

D-Connect Dunnage Bags are specially designed to secure and stabilize loads of up to 23 tons in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships. The D-Connect Bag is the most reliable in the market and enables cargo to be secured in an easy and consistent way.


Cordstrap CornerLash

Secure heavy weight cargo loads

CornerLash is the fully compliant cargo protection solution for heavy loads. To provide optimal securing, this innovative solution uses a patented corner element, creating a new anchorpoint, applied to the strongest part of the container – the corner posts. 


Cordstrap Anchorlash

Secure light and medium weight cargo loads

AnchorLash is the versatile solution for light to medium loads. Using the strongest existing anchor points within the container, AnchorLash can adapt to your specific cargo, whether that’s carton boxes, plastic drums, big bags or other soft packaging, providing cargo protection on any modality or route.


Cordstrap QuickLash

Secure light weight cargo loads

QuickLash is the economical solution for light loads without compromising on quality, safety or security. Using existing upper and lower lashing points in the container, QuickLash secures loads using vertical lashing with easy to apply snap hooks, and adjustable horizontal lashing secured with buckles.


Cordstrap Lashing

Cordstrap lashing, known as Cordlash, is the most effective way to secure cargo for international shipping wherever it may be, on any transport unit – containers, flat racks, railcars or ships.


Cordstrap Dynamic Cargo Securing

Dynamic shipping challenges are unique because cargo can be intrinsically dynamic and even static cargo can behave dynamically when exposed to outside forces. That is why Cordstrap’s Dynamic Cargo Securing solution utilizes our patented grooved Dynablock buckle and our industry leading Cordlash product, to create a single flexible solution that is superior to steel based securing products such as cable and chain as well as polyester ratchet systems.


Cordstrap Strapping

Cordstrap’s GL certified composite polyester strapping provides a high quality, reliable and strong solution to securing products of all shapes and sizes for transportation, however heavy, fragile or expensive they may be.


Cordstrap CBT 35 Battery Tensioner

The Cordstrap CBT 35 Battery Operated Tensioner is specially designed for use with our heavy-duty polyester strapping. Powerful reliable and ergonomic, it allows users of Cordstrap polyester strapping to experience the latest battery powered technology.


Cordstrap CBT 40 Battery Tensioner

Cordstrap’s lashing solutions will perform even under extreme circumstances when tensioned with the CBT 40 – with a tension force of up to 1.600 daN / 3,520 lbf, the latest 36V Lithium-Ion battery and brushless motor technology.


Cordstrap CBT 50 Battery Tensioner

Cordstrap’s lashing solutions will perform even under extreme circumstances when tensioned with the CBT 50 – with a tension force of up to 2.000 daN / 4,400 lbf, the latest 36V Lithium-Ion battery and brushless motor technology.


Cordstrap Drumclips

Many of our customers ship hazardous and dangerous goods. Working closely with them to 1) optimize load times, 2) keep costs low, while 3) ensuing safety is never compromised,we extended our product range to include DRUMCLIPs.


Cordstrap Digital Fast Inflator

Securing loads safely has never been easier thanks to the Cordstrap Digital Fast Inflator. Unique digital technology and ergonomic design means Dunnage Bags can be inflated to the precise pressure required, quickly and easily. This means less breakage, less wastage and real time saved. It’s the perfect solution for any Dunnage bag application.


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