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D-Connect Dunnage Bags

Product Leaflet

D-Connect Dunnage Bags are specially designed to secure and stabilize loads of up to 23 tons in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships. The D-Connect Bag is the most reliable in the market and enables cargo to be secured in an easy and consistent way.

Fully compliant with the latest rules and regulations, D-Connect dunnage bags support your responsibilities as a shipper, ensuring cargo passes through port controls smoothly and arrives at its destination safely and in perfect condition.


Digital Fast Inflator Product Leaflet

Cordstrap Digital Fast Inflator

Securing loads safely has never been easier thanks to the Cordstrap Digital Fast Inflator. Unique digital technology and ergonomic design means Dunnage Bags can be inflated to the precise pressure required, quickly and easily. This means less breakage, less wastage and real time saved. It’s the perfect solution for any Dunnage bag application.


Hand Book

D-Connect Dunnage Bag Hand Book

This handbook contains:

  • Product Range
  • Standard Container Applications Matrix
  • How to measure to find the right size of Dunnage Bag
  • Cargo Securing Forces Tables
  • Rules and Regulations

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