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Cordstrap understand the supply-chain demands of globalized businesses. When standard solutions are not suitable, our global team of cargo securing experts work with customers to develop bespoke solutions to their worldwide shipping needs.

Cordstrap Lashing

Our lashing helps to speed up the securing process, while ensuring safety. Working with our customers, we co-create a solution that considers not only the cargo to be secured, but also the time and staffing resource required for the job. Thus delivering maximum cost efficiency.

Cordstrap Lashing

Cordstrap Strapping

Cordstrap are expert at securing non-standard (heavy, fragile, expensive or oddly shaped) products. Our strapping is quick and easy to apply – and also safer and less damaging to cargo than steel alternatives. Where standard solutions are not sufficient, our experts can advise on a solution tailor-made to your requirements.

Cordstrap Strapping

Dunnage Bags

Our innovative products are the safest and most effective way to fill empty spaces during shipping. Fast, accurate and easy to apply with our unique precision inflation system. In conjunction with Cordstrap lashing and accessories such as desiccants, we offer an effective solution for cargo securing in containers.

Dunnage Bags
Close up of the d-connect valve of a Cordstrap woven dunnage bag.

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