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Ensuring safety and compliance when protecting heavy machinery and equipment

Shipping machinery and equipment requires specialist knowledge to ensure this varied and often dynamic cargo is protected across multiple modalities and routes, in compliance with local and global regulations.

Cordstrap works with both manufacturers and export packers to ensure compliant cargo protection for every load.


  • A customer shipped loader cranes and handling equipment via sea in high cube 40’ containers using a ratchet system.
  • They were shipping to countries including the US, Japan, and Australia which all have strict controls on cargo arrivals and compliance which can result in shipments being rejected.
  • They needed a certified and compliant lashing solution to give them confidence that their cargo would reach its destination without delay.


Cordstrap worked closely with the customer to understand their challenges and identify the correct solution for their needs. This included: 

  • Studying the cargo, shipping modes and routes to determine a cost-effective solution that would provide the protection required for the cargo during transit.
  • Ensuring the approach was IMO compliant.
  • Training operators to apply the Cordlash lashing system, providing an explanation of the calculations and methods to ensure complete understanding and ongoing consistency.


  • Doubled the safety of the cargo (Cordlash versus a ratchet system).
  • Reduced the cost by half. 
  • Ensured compliance with regulations across multiple markets with a fully CTU compliant and certified securing solution.

Key Learnings

Incorrect calculations can cause problems and lead to wrong decisions for securing products. Working with the customer we analysed the cargo and the existing securing methods. Based on this analysis we provided the customer with a recommendation that would enable them to increase safety, ensure compliance and reduce costs, with the Cordstrap Cordlash system.

To support the customer in this transition, it was key that our Cargo Securing Expert provided training on loading plans, updated securing methods and products, and also to transfer the knowledge regarding accurate calculations for load securement.

Across the machinery and equipment industry, it is common for manufacturers to outsource cargo securing to export packers, because:

  • The lashing process is complex.
  • Employees lack knowledge of the necessary calculations and lashing systems.
  • Export packers undertake the requirement to present a lashing certification which contains pictures of the lashing project done (systems, resistance, calculations, certifications) and related insurance cover.

Cordstrap works with many export packers, who know and trust our products and are trained in how to use them – either via local training or at our HQ in the Netherlands where we run both in person and virtual training.

Our Cordlash lashing products are the solution for safe, cost-effective and compliant cargo securing that prevents damage in transport.

The benefits of Cordlash Polyester lashing include:

  • Avoid delays due to cargo inspection, with a CTU Code compliant solution, certified by DNV GL.
  • Increased safety.
  • No damage to product.
  • Low elongation, giving greater retention of the system during transportation vs a ratchet system.
  • Four times lighter than chains making application quicker and easier.
  • Reduction of cost and time saving.

Cordstrap’s local cargo protection experts can help you ensure the safe, CTU compliant transit of your cargo, both nationally and globally. Contact them today.

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