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Enhancing the chemical supply chain to empower growth

The worldwide chemical industry has great potential for future growth, and it is estimated will be worth €1 trillion by 2020. The trend is for increasing globalization, with India, Brazil and Saudi Arabia currently cited as the biggest emerging opportunities outside China. This expansion into new markets, while providing great opportunities, also presents real challenges for shippers.

Supply chains become increasingly complex with distance and the potential problems for chemical manufacturers are real. Safety incidents are commonplace; for example, a fire is reported at sea every two months [1]. The attendant risks to brand, cargo and personnel are obvious.

At the same time, ensuring efficiency and cost effectiveness are vital. Getting more cargo to more places swiftly and with the least expense is the driver that will empower growth for chemical manufacturers.

Correct cargo securing in a consistent manner on a global basis is central to ensuring safe, compliant and effective global transport of chemicals. Yet poor or incorrect packaging is the root cause in 50% of shipping incidents [2].


Navigating the regulatory environment

Global chemical shipping operates within a legislative environment that is increasingly wide-ranging and mandatory. From the loading bay onwards, chemical companies can be exposed to risk. 66% of them currently do not secure in line with global rules, regulations and best practice. An understanding of the latest legislation that a shipper must comply with is vital; it helps define the correct securing solution for any particular market, application or load.


Focussing on controlling costs

To achieve safe and effective shipping of correctly secured cargo, global standardization and consistency of solutions and products are required across the supply chain. This process needs to be implemented consistently, on a daily basis, across all of a manufacturers sites worldwide. A focus on compliant securing solutions and control of direct and indirect expenditure can deliver supply chain efficiency gains of up to 400% for chemical companies.


Customer centered expertize

Standardization and efficiency in cargo securing is based on understanding the needs of customers in every market, for every application and every cargo. Auditing existing practices and looking for gains in every aspect of readying cargo for shipping. Then ensuring any recommended solutions are compliant, before testing them thoroughly and backing their implementation with training and support. In this way, product damage, customer complaints and related costs can be virtually eliminated.


Empowering sustainable growth

This is the way Cordstrap works. Partnering with chemical manufacturers to bring an expert focus to the shipping of their products in an ever-expanding worldwide market. Driving efficiency and consistency with a global team of chemical industry experts, account and project management services and training. Ensuring more products reach more markets safely. With less delay, through the use of standardized, easy to apply securing solutions that are fully compliant and will pass inspection on any dockside. Enabling manufacturers to look to a future of sustainable global growth.

“Working with Cordstrap helped me to achieve up to 80% standardization across our sites. They provided experts on the ground, training and project management. Partnering us with passion, dedication and expertise. They’re a true value added partner”

Multi-National Chemical Global Supply Chain Manager


Our teams are on hand to discuss your cargo securing requirements and help you drive compliance. Simply click here to contact them.


[1] Hapag Lloyd

[2] CINS

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