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Cargo securing A key role in strengthening the chemical supply chain

To accommodate increasing globalization, chemical manufacturers have had to adapt the way they do business and manufacture. Identifying new growth opportunities wherever they might occur. Then developing ways of working and strategic partnerships to exploit them.

Focus on the supply chain

One aspect of succeeding in this new environment is to ensure that supply chains are as adaptable and efficient as possible. Whilst keeping safety in transit as an absolute priority.

But complex supply chains also drive risk. One area that comes under increasing focus is the transportation infrastructure, including packing and load securing. For while chemical manufacturing is highly regulated, the related transport chain has much to do to catch up.

Need for improvement

For example, only 2% of all outgoing containers worldwide are currently inspected before shipment – and a recent study by TT Club came to the conclusion that poorly packed cargo accounts for 65% of all damage incidents. On a global scale, cargo losses have an annual estimated financial impact of $50 billion.

Such losses can have a massive effect on the overall supply chain of a business – and beyond that, on the safety of personnel and cargo. The negative impact on an implicated brand can also be massive.

The right partner 

With over 50 years experience of partnering with chemical manufacturers worldwide, Cordstrap can play a valuable role in enhancing complex supply chains. Supplying efficient, safe cargo securing solutions that provide quantifiable savings in operational efficiencies and damage reduction. While being fully compliant with all national and international legislation.

With four simple questions, we can give preliminary cargo securing advice. Just click here and you can be applying our knowledge to your specific requirements within minutes.

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