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The right product for the right customer How innovation and customer support drove sales and future benefits

Cordstrap were invited to meet with a large pre-cast concrete manufacturer. They wanted to ship underground concrete tunnel sections across the US via railroad. We were asked to discuss their options for doing this.

Asking the right questions 

We met with the manufacturer and their railroad representative. We asked about the strength of the cargo, dimensions and weight. We also found out what kind of railcar would be used. This resulted in us creating a load plan. The manufacturer and railroad company would use this to decide whether to buy Cordlash.

Developing the right load plan

The plan had to secure the cargo and be relatively easy to apply. But also not stress the tunnel sections or cause damage from the tensioned lashing. We decided to make each ring stack a unit. Then lash the unit to the car. The customer and railroad liked this approach.

Refining the plan

We then worked together to increase load security. Unitizing each ring stack to allow movement at the plant. After a yard visit, we proposed using interlocking CC105. With half loop lashings securing each row to the railcar.

Winning the order

The plan was submitted and reviewed by the customer and the railroad. A blanket order for materials to load 46 railcars was then given. We loaded the first seven cars alongside the customer. Our success was due to a combination of excellent technical, customer and field support. Supported by Cordstrap training.

Plans for the future

The customer now plans to continue shipping concrete pieces by rail. Another project will follow this first one. They will continue to use Cordstrap products for those loads.

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