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Turning a big move into a big opportunity

Moving a 500,000 ft + industrial building full of equipment across the world needed a specialist rigging and plant relocation contractor. But they needed expert help too – from the world leaders in cargo protection. 


A complete industrial facility needed transporting from the United States to Taiwan. This huge task required 400 containers and 80 flat racks to be loaded over four months.

The relocation contractor had ten full time riggers on site when they called Cordstrap in. The intention was that we would simply perform basic application training and container tie down education.


On arrival, Cordstrap Cargo Protection experts Kevin Clemson and xxxxxxx were able to show certifications for all our solutions and products: reassuring with such a complex shipping task across international boundaries with many different rules and regulations. They also demonstrated that that the riggers were wasting money by using the wrong Cordstrap product to palletize material. A practical demonstration of a harness technique gave the opportunity to discuss our certified on-site training solutions.


The customer purchased the on-site training program immediately, convinced of its value to the rigging team. They went on to purchase additional container solutions including Moisture Control, the newest member of the Cordstrap family. This market-leading desiccant consists of the latest calcium chloride starch technology and delivers the best absorption available on the market. 

The complete industrial facility has now been successfully shipped overseas, secured by Cordstrap.

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