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New Cordstrap AAR approval to replace steel cables on centerbeam flatcars

Cordstrap works closely with US rail freight partners to ensure safe, secure transportation of goods.  With the new AAR ruling for packaged lumber on center A-frame flatcars, our products can now be used in place of steel cables in these applications.

Cordlash 200 – enhanced safety, 30% reduction in cost

Cordlash 200 – a product that you may not be aware we provide within our portfolio – is far more user friendly than cable. It is a safe, cost- and time-effective solution and easy to apply. Cordlash 200 takes the inconvenience and risk out of the frequent requirement to replace steel cables on flatcars – with a cost saving of 30% per cable purchased.

Good news on secure and effective transport

With massive volumes of lumber in transit, the latest AAR open top loading rules are important, providing a real opportunity to make transport both more secure and more cost-effective on the US rail network.

Over 250 of our applications have been approved by the AAR.  We are able to provide a great solution that complies with this latest ruling safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

The latest ruling on packaged lumber

The new AAR ruling for packaged lumber on center A-frame flatcars states:

“In lieu of top corner caps, top packages that do not accommodate two cable and edge protectors may be unitized by one Type 1A, Grade 7 Strap encircling packages on both sides of the car and secured with an approved ladder buckle. Straps are to be positioned 1 ft. from the ends of the packages they are unitizing. When it is not possible to get two cables over each package on both sides of the centerbeam, Type 1A Grade 7 encircling bands may be used to encircle all packages on both sides of the centerbeam.”

You can learn more about how Cordstrap can help with your rail securing needs here.

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