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Improving the safe and secure shipping of dangerous goods in palletized drums

At Cordstrap, our cargo protection experts are constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve our goal of making the world’s cargo safer.

Central to this is understanding the challenges our customers face and engineering solutions to meet their specific needs for efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness.

An innovative product to improve safety and efficiency

Many of our customers ship hazardous and dangerous goods. Working closely with them to 1) optimize load times 2) keep costs low, while 3) ensuing safety is never compromised, we extended our product range to include DRUMCLIPs.

This patented, innovative plastic tool designed to secure drums on a pallet, in a trailer or on any other modality helped our customers achieve all 3 objectives. DRUMCLIPS are designed to allow the use of wider lashing, facilitating the easy securing of pallets on a trailer using standard ratchet straps.

DRUMCLIPs add value across the supply chain; they can be used to strap drums to the pallet and the same DRUMPCLIP can be used to secure the same handling unit onto the truck by using ratchet straps.

Securing non-palletized drums with Cordstrap strapping and DRUMCLIPS is:

  • Easy and fast
    Cargo is secured more quickly (for example using DRUMCLIPs plus two straps instead of three to five straps plus edge protectors).
  • Time and cost effective
    Time required to secure drums on a pallet is reduced as the process is simplified. 
    They can also be returned for re-use.
  • Efficient
    Using DRUMCLIP helps increase your cargo securing output.
  • Certified
    DIN EN 12195-1 TÜV-Certified when using our Cordstrap strap CC65 strap and CB6 buckle combination.

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