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Faster freight will put greater strains than ever on your cargo’s security

The changing face of transportation is changing the kind of stresses cargos will face all over the world. A state-owned Chinese company is building freight trains capable of operating at 250kph. This is 36% faster than the most rapid freight trains currently operating around the world and will place proportionately higher G-forces on the cargos they carry which are already as high as 4G during shunting. In a climate where green house gas emissions are an increasingly important factor in logistics planning, the viability of high speed rail as an alternative to airfreight will drive the growth of high speed rail across the planet and more and more, time-critical cargos will be transported this way.

Meanwhile Tesla has recently launched an electric truck capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in just 5 seconds. This sort of performance will dramatically alter the physical forces exerted on cargo, especially during acceleration and braking. Tesla’s truck is also pioneering driverless technologies and this has the potential to further revolutionize the place that road transport has in logistics chains across the world. UPS, the world’s largest package delivery business, have already pre ordered 125 of the new Tesla rigs!

The adoption of these radical new forms of transport will inevitably provoke concerns around safety and the way hazardous loads such as chemicals are secured in these vehicles will be put under the spotlight. With 65% of transportation losses being the result of poorly secured cargos, the potential savings to business of standardized state-of-the-art securing systems are huge.

Cordstrap have been leading the world in cargo securing solutions for over fifty years – developing innovative methodologies to enhance safety and security while delivering business efficiencies. Our latest innovation, CornerLash is fast becoming the preferred method for securing cargo by multinational chemical companies where efficiency and standardization are high on the agenda. 

The investment in these new forms of high speed transport demonstrates just how important speed is in reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and serving JIT supply chains. Cordstrap are acutely aware of the importance of reducing TCO and the systems we have developed for intermodal transport are designed to be applied more quickly, consistently and efficiently than other solutions in the market today. This will accelerate your logistics processes and enable you to take full advantage of these exciting new developments in freight delivery as they gain traction.

If you would like to learn more about these new developments in freight delivery or if you are interested in talking about the potential efficiencies we could bring to your business and keep up to speed technical developments across your supply chain, click here.

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