Delivering a rapid improvement in chemical supply chain efficiency

As global leaders in chemical cargo protection, Cordstrap’s worldwide team of experts is in constant contact with supply chain and logistics managers. Our conversations tell us that chemical shippers and their 3PL suppliers can have issues with consistent cargo securing and supply chain optimization. A recent project demonstrated how we could resolve these problems quickly and effectively.


The customer had been experiencing significant issues in terms of damages and inconsistent solutions application. A change of management at their 3PL supplier gave us the opportunity to work directly with them. Our team was able to drive awareness of important issues with their product and cargo shipments.


We conducted a Cargo Protection Scan that highlighted important issues and led us to make some key recommendations:

  • There were inconsistencies across the customer’s sites in securing processes and the way products were being used.
  • The major recommendation was to drive consistent application of solutions and products across sites and to ensure that the way their 3PL supplier worked with them facilitated this.


The direct involvement of our Cargo Protection experts has highlighted the cause of the customer’s issues and will transform the way both they and their 3PL supplier undertake cargo securing across their sites. We have provided quotations for a QuickScan Audit and application training. The consistent and standardized application of our solutions across their sites will not only improve their supply chain but also deliver cost efficiencies.

To learn more about Cordstrap Moisture Control, the newest addition to our cargo protection solutions, contact our team of experts today.

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