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Could trade wars expose shortcomings in your logistics chain?

With global trading relationships experiencing growing tensions, the incidence of cargo inspections is set to rise dramatically. That inevitably means that the way cargo is secured will be subject to much greater scrutiny. Even if the UK manages to sign a free trade deal with the EU, senior officials have warned that imports will face a significant rise in costly and time-consuming customs checks and have advised that a “no deal Brexit” will result in an extra 5,000 customs officials at UK ports.

The Irish Government foresees a 1000% increase in customs declarations, of which around 8% would result in physical searches, and this can be expected to be even higher across wider international borders. This has the potential to cause significant delays to shipments, which leading to customer dissatisfaction and possible claims. It’s also of particular concern to the chemical industry, which is subject to the many of the strictest regulatory requirements for cargo securing.

This trend in trading relationships is not just restricted to the EU. Antagonism between the US and China and a rise in sanctions is set to massively increase the number of inspections likely to be required globally across some of the world’s busiest trading routes. And we’ve recently written about Maersk’s introduction of spot checks on shipping containers (CTUs) involving physical inspections at a number of ports. The net result will be to reveal the shortcomings in the way cargo is secured and failure to meet local regulations could result in delays or even outright rejection of your shipment.

Cordstrap's expertise in delivering cargo securing solutions that comply with regulations across all international borders is second to none. We are the only company in the world whose securing systems have earned certification from Germanischer Lloyd, the International Maritime Organisation, Mariterm AB and the approval of the American Association of Railroads (AAR). Our compliance with all major codes (including IMDG) in operation worldwide, across all modalities, has made Cordstrap the partner of choice for many companies in the international chemical industry.

Because we are the only company that operates a truly global support network, we can offer expert advice and onsite training to ensure your logistics teams are operating to the same internationally compliant standards wherever they are. This will deliver significant benefits as more loads have to be repacked post inspection. Having Cordstrap’s standardised methodology deployed throughout your global supply chain will enable this to be done more efficiently and effectively and secure a safe onward journey.

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