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Could the world’s oldest freight system be the newest link in your logistics chain?

Barges emit fewer greenhouses gases, use less fuel and cause far fewer deaths and injuries than trucks or trains. They also tend to be farther from population centers, so that any spills or accidents are likely to cause less damage. And the scale of cargo they can deliver is similarly impressive; a single barge can carry 48 forty-foot containers and the largest barge tows can carry as many as 2,000. As such, they are an increasingly attractive option to consider as an element in intermodal containerized transportation for the future.

A pilot project to increase barges’ operating efficiencies using digital cargo management technology is being trialed in Antwerp while a Dutch company is developing electric barges. Both projects are transporting intermodal containers and, if successful, they have the potential to drive change around the world. Barge transport in the Asia Pacific region accounted for $34 billion revenues in 2017 and North America’s extensive inland waterways network already handles 14% of bulk freight. A shift to using it to deliver intermodal cargo could be a viable option to road and rail networks which are experiencing growing risks, congestion and concerns surrounding emissions.

These developments further reinforce the versatility of intermodal containers over trailers and will be an added incentive for truck operators to adapt to containerized operations. Cordstrap’s CornerLash™ system is recognized worldwide for delivering the most effective and reliable container protection methodologies available. Specifically designed to work with add-ons such as edge protection flex boards, dunnage bags and our market-leading Moisture Control solution, it delivers unrivalled levels of protection. It has also been designed to be deployed more quickly and efficiently than other systems delivering more streamlined operations and reductions in TCO.

Moreover, our cargo protection solutions are fully CTU Code compliant and are backed by the added reassurance of certification from Germanischer Lloyd, the International Maritime Organization, Mariterm AB and the American Association of Railroads (AAR). This means your intermodal shipments will be subject to fewer delays and enjoy more seamless transit through even the most heavily regulated authorities.  

Cordstrap can help your business capitalize on developments across all transport modalities, contact our team.

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